How to Calculate Right Size of Office Space in Noida?

office space in Noida

You have a business and wish to buy or rent office space in Noida. Careful planning is necessary to calculate the right office space. Too large space is waste of money which could have been used for other important purposes. Too little space may make business operations difficult or impossible. The former may even cause the business venture to fail. The correct office area aids productivity as well as efficiency in staff as well as support future expansion. We look at some factors which determine the size of office required for your enterprise.

Nature of Business

Depending upon the nature of business the size of the office will vary. There are government regulations which need to be taken account for the minimum office space in Noida allocated for each individual. Health, environment and safety considerations need to be taken into account while calculating the size of office space required. Many organizations require large and spacious meeting and/or training rooms.

Number of Workers/ Employees

More the number of employees more the space required. Depending on the seniority of the employee, different office space in noida would be allocated. For instance, directors may have a whole cabin to themselves while receptionists may only have a desk as the workplace.

Office Equipment

Size of the office equipment vary. Some kinds of equipment can be kept in public areas. Some equipment may not be permitted to be accessed by all and sundry. They may require separate locked rooms. ICU’s and server rooms are instances where equipment access is restricted.

Shared or Private Office Space in Noida

In businesses such as law firms or hospitals many private rooms may be required for lawyers and doctors to have private and confidential interactions with clients. However, in the case of businesses such as call centres, software firms, sales offices as well as training companies shared office space is the norm.


You may want to offer amenities such as sports facilities, cafeteria, recreation room, library and others to the employees.

Future plans

Do you plan to expand your business in the future by taking on additional responsibilities or infrastructure? Will your business be requiring or planning to hire more employees in the future? It is better to lease out extra space if so. It is more economical than ending the lease early and move to new premises.

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