How to Find Right Builder for Your Commercial Projects?

How to Find Right Builder for Your Commercial Projects

Experience counts

A commercial project is a major investment. You cannot afford to hire anybody new to the business or not having much experience. The builder should not learn from mistakes at the cost of your project. An experienced builder will know very well the challenges involved and problems that could crop up. He/she will be able to anticipate possible issues and prevent them from affecting your important project. The former will also already have good contacts to source building materials, design the project and draft contracts.


Look for builders who are specialized in commercial projects. The latter come with their own set of unique challenges and processes. Ask the builder regarding his experience and expertise relevant to commercial projects.

Background checks

Don’t take the builders claim at face value. You need to verify his/her claims. Go through the builder’s websites to know his/her capabilities and portfolio. Physically visit some of his past and ongoing projects. This will give you a good idea of the construction quality. Peruse the client testimonials on the builder’s website. Ask for references and talk to them at length regarding the reputation and claims of the relevant builder.


Do your research and have a list of questions ready to ask prospective builders. You may come across unexpected things and facts which are different from your assumptions. If the builder gives evasive answers or refuses an interview it is better to avoid hiring such folk.

Make a list

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first good builder you encounter. You should have other builders to fall back upon in case there is a fallout with your current builder. Visit and interview a number of builders before selecting one.


Sometimes the builder may be good in all respects. However, he may not have the time you desire for him/her to devote to your project. So, ask upfront how many current assignments he has. This will give you a good idea about the time he/she can allocate for your project.

Financial record

Many builders have prior financial commitments. You definitely don’t want a situation where the builder abandons your project due to bankruptcy or other financial reasons. Hence evaluate his financial standing at the onset.

Legal record

Check whether the prospective builder has been the subject of complaints in the consumer court or involved in legal wrangles in the past.


The builder must have the permit to construct commercial projects . Ask for copies of mandatory documents such as No Objection Certificates, approved construction plan of the builder's completed commercial projects.

Project Deadlines

You must be clear about the deadline for the completion of your project. Avoid builders who have a poor track record in meeting deadlines in their past projects.