What to Look for while Choosing Retail Shops In Noida

Noida Extension is an upcoming commercial and residential hub. There are many developers who are coming up with commercial complexes to house retail business here. You can avail front facing retail shops on the ground floor to premium spaces at the top floors in different sizes. What you look for in a retail shop depends on the type of business you plan to do. For instance, if you are retailer you need free parking space for your customers and visibility of your shop. However, if you are a distributor, then you need a large space for docking. Take a look at some of the pointers that will you need to keep in mind while choosing a retail shop in Noida Extension.

Tips to keep in mind while buying a retail shop in Noida Extension

Location of the Retail Shop

It’s a most important factor that should be considered when investing in a retail shop in a commercial building. It goes without saying that the shops located around other businesses do better footfall.

Expansion Potential

This is an important pointer. Will the commercial building accommodate your business as it grows and expands? Similarly, if the business is not doing well, you need to know whether it’s possible for you to lease out the retail space.

Parking space, accessibility, and visibility of the shop

If the parking is a nightmare, then people would not want to come to your retail shop. Therefore, check out whether there is proper customer parking space. Customers should be able to find your shop easily and it should be easily accessible. Remember, these are a few of the key factors that are not in your hands and can't be changed. But it’s likely to ruin your business, so choose your retail shop wisely.

Amenities of Retail Shops

It’s important to check out the amenities that are available in the commercial building when you are looking out for a retail shop. Free parking space for your customers and also the clean and tidy washroom facilities close by are all important. Checkout about the electricity backup at times of power outage and also the availability of free Wi-Fi connection and hotspots.

Check out for any environmental and legal issues

Check out whether there are any legal, community or environment issues in the area where you are planning to invest in a retail shop. Get a legal help before investing in a retail shop in the upcoming areas. Thorough research is recommended before investing in a commercial shop.

GST on the Retail Shops

Whether you are leasing out a retail shop or planning to buy a commercial space, you need to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST). Get an expert advice on the amount that needs to paid as GST.

Maintenance and additional cost

Find out how much you need to shell out an annual maintenance cost for the retail shop in Noida Extension. The additional cost includes daily hauling of garbage, monthly salary of the janitors and security services. If they are on the higher side, it may discourage potential tenants if you are planning to lease out the shop or increase your overhead costs if you are planning to run your venture in that shop.

Investing in a Retail shops in Noida depends on a lot on the type of business you want to do and your business goals. It’s also recommended that you evaluate the building before closing the deal. Get the help of an expert for proper valuation and also ensure that your retail shop in a complex developed by a reputed builder.